Debt Collection and Recovery Services

Pursuing debtors in Malaysia can be time consuming, difficult and costly process for creditors. This is especially true for foreign creditors falling under other jurisdictions. Difference in laws, procedures, limitation period and timescale can pose serious challenges to debt recovery. Our organisation provides a dedicated service including instructing solicitors if necessary and also acts on agency basis in specific circumstances.

We provide the following services as part of the debt collection process:

  1. Issuing letters of demand
  2. Telephone calls
  3. Emails
  4. Background checks and reports
  5. Physical site inspections and inspection reports
  6. Initiation of litigation process through solicitors
  7. Collection at national and international levels
  8. Out-of-court settlement and negotiation

Debt Recovery & Negotiation

Prior to the commencement of any serious action to recover the debt, a background search against the debtor is conducted. If the debtor is desirous to settle the debt, a negotiation is made on the amount and method of settlement on behalf of the creditor.

Debt Collection Litigation

If the debt collection cannot be resolved on a voluntary basis, we usually recommend initiating a legal suit. This is usually suggested when we believe there is a high likelihood of getting a substantial return on investment.

Debt Collection Management

Winning the lawsuit is the first step to getting paid. After having done that, the judgment has to be collected. The judgment involves order to pay, summary proceedings or full court proceedings with courts and enforcement of judgment debts.

If the debtor does not voluntarily agree to pay, even after receiving a copy of the judgement, various court-ordered judgment collection processes are applicable and are used.

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Why Engage Our Debt Collection and Recovery Service?

Debt collection is necessary to keep your business running smoothly, keeping your focus on daily operations and long-term planning. Our experienced debt recovery team can assist you with every stage of the collection process, from ensuring that your contracts fully protect your rights to litigating your claims and pursuing collection of judgments on your behalf.

Our team has 22 solid years of experience collecting debts in a wide range of different industries, which makes us the right company to recover your debts quickly and effectively.